Starry, Starry Cite

Quaker Oats takes meetings online

Philadelphia  August 28, 2001  StarCite Inc., which produces proprietary Web-based technologies and services supporting the global meetings and events industry has been selected by Quaker Oats to provide a custom version of the company's Internet site,

Utilizing StarCite, Quaker hopes to implement more effective buyer and supplier management on a company-wide and global basis. In addition, StarCite will train some 100 Quaker Oats planners throughout the United States and Canada and serve as a consultant to the company in implementing process improvements, as well as meeting planning training for the company's administrative assistants.

As part of their one-year agreement, Quaker will utilize StarCite for every request for proposal (RFP) it previously submitted by facsimile or regular mail. Quaker Oats' planners will also be introduced to RegWeb, StarCite's online registration and attendee management system. Quaker Oats' use of StarCite is expected to result in approximately $1 million in savings over the length of the engagement.

"This is one of the fastest, most extensive StarCite deployments we have created to date, and it is an exciting event in our company's history to be working with one of the most recognized corporations in the world," said John Pino, founder and CEO of StarCite. "Working with Fortune 500 companies such as Quaker Oats further validates our vision of innovating and implementing the Internet's leading global meetings and events marketplace."

"A Quaker cross-functional team representing Purchasing, Meeting Planners, Travel and Sales has chosen StarCite to be the global meetings and event procurement platform for our company," said Mollie Dierckman, strategic sourcing team leader of The Quaker Oats Company. "All our meeting planners are mandated to utilize this system, which we believe will result in significant cost efficiencies for our corporation."