Making Their Mark in Denmark

BEA Systems lands deal with 82 Denmark banks

Copenhagen, DENMARK  September 4, 2001  BEA Systems Inc., an e-business infrastructure software company, announced that SDC Udvikling, a provider of IT services for the Danish banking sector, has selected the BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform as the e-banking solution for 82 banks in Denmark. SDC Udvikling made a strategic decision to base future e-banking development on the BEA platform.

"We are experiencing a revolution in self-service products for both home and corporate banking, and we have made a business decision to lead the way in this new area," said Allan Christiansen, head of e-business development at SDC Udvikling. "Today, most banks offer Web-based banking solutions that handle ordinary financial transactions. We now face the challenge of integrating bank business services and systems in personalized solutions that allow individuals, as well as companies, to customize access to their bank over the Internet for the greatest possible convenience and efficiency."

SDC Udvikling pioneered home-banking in Denmark on the DOS, Windows and Internet platforms and is now looking to strengthen the service portfolios and competitive edge of medium-sized banks in Denmark. With more than 100,000 active customers currently, SDC Udvikling expects an annual growth rate of 50 percent in this area.

"The Danish banking sector is highly competitive and has become more so during the last couple of years. It is critical that we make safe and smart technology choices, because our customers, the medium-sized banks, must continue to provide agile solutions ahead of the large competitors," noted Christiansen. "The BEA WebLogic Platform is engineered to meet our requirements. We believe it is reliable, will decrease our time-to-market for e-banking solutions, and will increase productivity and decrease time-to-market by enabling us to re-use software components we have already developed."

"Recent analysis shows that medium-sized banks, through their dedicated customer focus and innovative applications of the Internet, have been very successful in the Danish banking environment," said Jorn Bo Jacobsen, country manager, BEA Systems Denmark. "The BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform supports the business-critical needs of SDC Udvikling to build on this success by providing the more personalized services customers are demanding with the least possible budget outlays for the banks providing those services.