Every Day is ERP Day

Lahey Software releases new ERP modules

Westlake Village, CA  September 10, 2001  Lahey Software announced today that its new e-ERP (enterprise resource planning) modules have been implemented internally and are ready for B2B commerce.

These modules utilize industry-standard e-business tools, including Microsoft SQL Server and Macromedia ColdFusion in order to deliver an affordable and integrated e-ERP solution for small- to medium-sized manufacturers and distributors. Lahey Solution Partners will now be able to enter orders and check order status at their convenience.

"We are very excited to launch our B2B site using the software that we've developed specifically for manufacturers and distributors," said David Lahey, president and CEO of Lahey Software. "We've learned a lot during our internal implementation, and this will help our solution partners deliver these solutions faster and more economically than our competitors. With the current economy forcing every business to run more efficiently, we're looking forward to the cost-saving dividends we will capture using our e-ERP modules."

Lahey's e-ERP solution integrates traditional customer service, manufacturing, and accounting functions on a company's in-house file servers and extends them to the World Wide Web. By using Lahey's Web Catalog and Web Shopper modules, manufacturers and distributors can move their order entry processing to the Internet. Adding Lahey's Web Interface and Automation Manager modules simplifies the task of processing orders inside the accounting system. The modules can be used separately or together, depending on the existing technology already in use on a company's Web site.

"Lahey has done a great job developing their e-ERP modules to work seamlessly with ACCPAC Pro Series as well as providing an industry-standard shopping experience on the Web," said Bob Duhrke of Thompson Computer Services, a Lahey Solution Partner. "I was immediately comfortable with the Web-based order entry interface and have every confidence that Lahey's e-ERP solution is the right solution for middle-market manufacturers and distributors wanting to e-enable their operations. My customers have been looking for a solution that uses industry-standard technology, eliminates weak platform issues, and delivers 24/7 access. Lahey e-ERP is all this and more."