Information Donation

Giga Information Group offers free analysis in wake of attacks

Cambridge, MA  September 19, 2001  In an emergency, you give what you can. In response to the terror attacks of last week, people are giving blood, toil, tears and sweat (and money), and businesses are donating everything from money to business resources.

But answers are still in short supply. Business leaders, even more than the public, are wondering what will be the impact of the attacks, and how can companies brace themselves for any future attacks, among other hard-to-answer questions.

In order to answer some of those questions, and in a slightly different response to the tragedies, advisory firm Giga Information Group is offering complimentary research with specific insights from Giga's top analysts on the impact of the disaster. Topics covered include World Trade Center Disaster: Tactical Response for Recovery; Anticipating the Long-Term Impact of the World Trade Center Attack; and Protecting Your Organization From Potential Terrorist Activity on the Internet.

To access the free analysis, go to Giga's Web site and click on Disaster Preparedness: A Critical Need.