Out Looking for a Partnership

EC Outlook and Conchango to provide services to the retail and manufacturing industry

Houston  September 25, 2001  For companies in the retail and manufacturing industry that want more efficient supply chains, EC Outlook, a collaborative commerce service provider, today announced a global partnership with Conchango, a London-based business technology solutions provider.

The two companies will be offering a software and consulting service to streamline and automate supply chain processes with trading partners. The service will support EC Outlook's Smart Document Interchange (SDI) Server, a platform that allows trading partner communities to integrate regardless of the size or sophistication of existing systems.

Conchango and EC Outlook have already co-operated on the implementation of SDI Server at a Fortune100 company based in the United States.

"We've built up an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the supply chain over the last 10 years, especially through our work in the retail sector," said Richard Thwaite, joint managing director at Conchango. "Our objective is to work with solutions from companies that complement our culture. We're confident that by working with EC Outlook, we're bringing an advanced c-commerce platform, suite of applications and management reporting tool to market."

Conchango is EC Outlook's first certified systems implementation partner and will assist EC Outlook in deploying its technology and services into the United Kingdom and, later, the rest of Europe. Several of the companies already leveraging EC Outlook's technology include Panasonic, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Enron Corp., BASF and Sun Microsystems.