Keep on Truckin'... Profitably "dashboard" provides profitability, forecasting info to carriers

Burlington, MA - October 11, 2001 - this week unveiled a new Web-based "dashboard" for its decision-support software that it says will enable decision-makers at trucking companies to view instantaneous profitability and forecasting information.

The OptiYield Network Dashboard provides a Web interface for the solution provider's OptiYield suite of decision support tools. Combined with the provider's Profit Analyzer application, the dashboard is intended to allow trucking companies to make rapid decisions on whether to bid on a shipment and at what price.

"Trucking companies face the ongoing challenge of having to make rapid decisions about whether or not to accept freight from shippers and how much to bid on the freight," said Mitch Hixon, vice president of transportation sales for "The combination of Network Dashboard and Profit Analyzer brings this information to the fingertips of the entire organization via a simple user interface that makes it much easier to solve business problems and reach profitability goals."

Three clients - Averitt Express, Challenger Motor Freight and Sitton Motor Lines - are already using the dashboard.

"In the most simplistic terms, OptiYield Network Dashboard allows our frontline decision-makers to negotiate pricing from a strong, knowledge-driven position," said Monte Manus, vice president of Averitt Express's truckload division, adding that he viewed the new capabilities as a competitive advantage for his company. "The application gives our entire company instant visibility into our most profitable customers, regions, lanes and loads. Our decision-makers use this information to improve overall network profitability." provides a variety of software tools for transportation management, for both carriers and shippers.