HAHT Upgrade

Sell-side solution provider releases v7.0 of its demand chain management suite

Raleigh, NC  November 12, 2001  Things are heating up at HAHT Commerce.

The sell-side solution provider today released version 7.0 of its demand chain management solution, adding new features to the suite's order management, product and brand information management and customers services modules while adding a business intelligence module.

HAHT says its Commerce Suite 7.0 combines all the functionality manufacturers need to reduce the complexity of coordinating and managing all customer-facing business processes across multiple channels. The solution providers says that manufacturers can use the solution to increase revenue opportunities and reduce marketing, sales and service costs by integrating, analyzing and improving business processes between channel partners, distributors and customers.

"Demand chain management is a forward-looking model that incorporates and evolves the functionality of sell-side e-commerce, partner relationship management, channel management, and content management," said Sheryl Kingstone, senior analyst for the Yankee Group. "HAHT is recognizing this evolution and has created a product roadmap to support DCM."

"Commerce and collaboration have become the two pillars of successful e-business systems, but in today's challenging economy, these systems must also positively impact both the top and bottom lines," said Tom Thomas, president and CEO of HAHT Commerce. "Our customers verify that demand chain management delivers the goods on both fronts by removing costs, improving visibility into channels and maximizing every customer relationship."

The suite is composed of four functional areas. The order management module automates and optimizes order-related business processes with channel partners and customers. Key new features in version 7.0 include delivery tracking, native wireless support, line-item override functionality and the ability to view invoices from orders and view orders in PDF format.

The product and brand information management centralizes control and automates the distribution of all product and brand information across all business channels. Key new features include content workflow, enhanced catalog search capabilities, campaign subscription management, opt-out support for e-mail campaigns and content syndication.

The new business intelligence module analyzes transactional and behavioral information gathered from Web, service desk and sales force inputs, reporting operational performance, financial data and marketing effectiveness to enable strategic decision-making.

Finally, the customer services module provides on-demand post-order support, including payment and credit limit verification and invoice listing. Key new features include invoice aging schedule, invoice searching capability, return order creation and the ability to view or print invoices in PDF format.

Commenting on the suite's release, Chris Kairys, manager of e-business at Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), a provider of equipment and systems for worker and plant protection, said: "Order Management, channel management, channel collaboration  seems like we've seen all the pieces before. But HAHT Commerce's demand chain management solution is the first time I've seen anybody put it all together into one integrated suite. HAHT's solution encapsulates all the business strategy elements we've been investigating and unites them into a single, integrated product suite."

The new suite includes pre-built integration with SAP and J.D. Edwards enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, a feature that was welcomed by another HAHT customer. "Our ERP solution has been serving us well for a long time," said Ed DePrimo, director of applications at Scientific-Atlanta, a cable systems and network supplier. "We now have access to a powerful and comprehensive demand chain management solution from HAHT Commerce that leverages this ERP system."


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