Calling All Proposals

CommerceNet to award $2.5 million for proposals

Cupertino, CA  November 13, 2001  CommerceNet, a not-for-profit e-commerce technology consortium, announced that it will award up to $2.5 million in funding to proposals submitted to it's Next-Generation Internet (NGI) Application Program from now until January 15, 2002. Grants will be awarded during the spring of 2002 to teams led by California-based organizations, including private companies, non-profit corporations and public institutions that propose high-impact business solutions built on innovative NGI-based components.

The current focus of the NGI Application Program is on the global real-time value net of adaptive businesses, a set of dynamic supply and demand relationships working together to meet the demands of end users. A few of the examples of NGI applications of interest include mass customization, customer support, and collaborative design.

CommerceNet intends for the NGI Application Program to result in the creation of NGI-enabled business applications and solutions, business models and/or start-ups; the creation of high-tech, high-wage jobs; and a significant impact to be made on California businesses, industries, and the California economy.

"With every Call for Proposals for the NGI Application Program, CommerceNet looks forward to working with dynamic companies or individuals that promote the growth of the digital economy, corporate productivity, competition and innovation," said Mark Resch, president and CEO of CommerceNet.

Once the requests for funding are submitted, they will be scored by at least three reviewers, at least two of which are external to CommerceNet. Funded projects are expected to begin in the spring of 2002. For further information about the NGI Application Development Program, please visit