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Verizon selects Diligent Software Systems e-Sourcing Solution Suite

Santa Clara, CA  December 5, 2001  Diligent Software Systems, Corp., a provider of e-sourcing solutions for Global 2000 organizations, today announced that Verizon Services Group has selected the Diligent Source/3 e-Sourcing solution to establish a sourcing and contracting standard for its' Sourcing organization.

Verizon selected the Diligent Source/3 Application Suite as the technology platform to centrally manage sourcing and contracts for the diverse needs of its' business units.  By bringing these processes together into a centralized data store, the Diligent Suite will aim to provide greater visibility into Verizon's sourcing process.  This enables the company to standardize best practices and leverage its aggregated expenditure on strategic supplies and services, ranging from routers to building materials.

"The first wave of sourcing technology was about automating the process," said Charles W. Jepson, Chairman and CEO of Diligent.  "But we've moved well beyond that phase.  Today, the most progressive companies are adopting strategic e-sourcing solutions to unlock the knowledge and power of their vendor and supplier relationships.  It's now all about leveraging that sourcing resource in ways that accelerate processes and reduce costs."