Mouse-maker Moves to Manugistics

Logitech to implement collaborative forecasting and planning solution

Rockville, MD  December 7, 2001  Logitech not only wants to build a better mouse, they want to be able to forecast demand for mice, too.

The Swiss-based company, which manufactures and markets computer mice, keyboards and other human-computer interface devices, is set to use a collaborative forecasting and planning solution from Manugistics to better predict and manage demand for the company's aftermarket peripherals down to the stock-keeping-unit (SKU) level.

The Manugistics solution comprises a Web-based network connecting Logitech's global sales force, business managers and select trading partners. Key data, including point of sale and historical sales, will be funneled through the solution's algorithmic engines to enable the company to create optimized forecasts.

Once optimized, the forecasts can then be shared in real-time among network participants, a process intended to produce more accurate consensus forecasts. The overall objective is to increase forecast accuracy and reduce forecast process cycle times.

Manugistics reportedly won the deal after an intensely competitive selection process.

"The Manugistics solution emerged as the clear choice for our collaborative demand planning project," said Steve Perotin, vice president of supply chain at Logitech, which had 2001 fiscal year sales of about $760 million. "The solution has had proven implementation success and a record of driving good return on investment. In addition, we believe that the Manugistics team has a deep understanding of our industry and a strong commitment to helping us achieve our business objectives."