IQS Strategy

IQS announces Supplier Portal Strategy for supply chain visibility

CLEVELAND  December 7, 2001  IQS, Inc., a provider of advanced ISO 9000 and QS-9000 collaborative e-business software solutions, announced that it has created a Supplier Portal Strategy.  John M. Cachat, the President and Founder of IQS, created Supplier Portal to support the collaboration of supplier quality related information.  The automation of these supplier quality processes, coupled with real-time collaboration, is aimed at transforming the industry by improving existing processes for both suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

"Organizations no longer have to waste time trying to capture, process, and display supplier performance information.  Purchasing and Supplier Quality, Engineering and Operations can spend time pro-actively working with suppliers.  The IQS approach is unique.  This solution is based on supporting both sides of the issue, executive reporting AND data collection.  The offering is a pre-configured Supplier Portal with a proven backend data collection system.  It assures accurate data input that is not possible from nonintegrated spreadsheets and databases. 

The IQS Supplier Portal will support Performance, Development, Collaboration and Assessment. (PDCA) 

PERFORMANCE - Ongoing, automatic Supplier Report Cards are created and displayed.  Delivery performance, Part Per Million, Problem Resolution Reporting and Corrective Action templates are available for customization to meet your needs  

DEVELOPMENT - IQS provides software and services to help develop under- performing suppliers  

COLLABORATION - This is the real-time communication log and offer corrective actions, nonconformance reports, engineering change requests and a supplier contact list.  For the Automotive Industry, APQP and PPAP action items are available.

ASSESSMENT - The snapshot in time provides detailed information on Management, Quality, Price, Technology, Delivery and Cost.  Detailed comments and action plans are noted for all to review.

John Cachat stated, "Our Supplier Portal initiative allows engineering and quality professionals to collaborate across the supply chain to accelerate product development and time-to-market."