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New service capabilities announced for Aeroxchange's version 2.0

Dallas  January 8, 2002  Aeroxchange Ltd., an e-business solutions provider and e-marketplace for the global aviation industry, announced the release of version 2.0 of the company's electronic marketplace services, which will affect all Aeroxchange trading partners.

According to the company, the release includes improved strategic sourcing services; enhanced online negotiation tools; and improved search, buy and negotiation tools for aviation parts, services and repair over one secure platform.

R. Terrence Rendleman, president and CEO of Aeroxchange, said the company's integrated service offerings are meant to ease the search and buy burden for buyers and repair administrators, facilitating time and money savings in this difficult economic climate.  Our focus is to provide immediate and measurable value to our trading partners, and our new online negotiation tools further bolster our established strategic sourcing processes and tools that have to date identified more than 30 percent, on average, in savings for our trading partners."

Aeroxchange 2.0 has a frequently updated database of new, used and overhauled inventory; comprehensive repair capabilities; and an integrated negotiation and buying service. Aeroxchange 2.0 is comprised of four primary services: 

·        AeroBuy, for trading partners and purchasers to locate, sell or buy inventory

·        AeroRepair, for access to maintenance services and suppliers

·        AeroSourcing, for strategically sourcing and requests for quotes

·        AeroAOG, for visibility and searching of nearly one million parts across more than 250 airports.

Aeroxchange worked closely with its trading partners to develop and launch Aeroxchange 2.0. "Aeroxchange really understands aviation procurement processes and has designed solutions that address the specific needs of the industry, said Andy Roberts, senior vice president of technical operations at Northwest Airlines. Northwest Airlines has used Aeroxchange sourcing services, both individually and cooperatively with other trading partners, since they were released last February. We have reduced cycle times, signed agreements with world-class suppliers and literally saved millions of dollars. The ability to reliably find, buy, track and manage inventory and repair services offers great opportunities for us to continue to cut costs and better manage our assets."

The new services are available from the company's Web site at