Pathway to Visibility

FreeMarkets selects route control device

San Mateo, CA  February 19, 2002  In order to improve customer access to its Web-based applications, global e-sourcing and service solution provider FreeMarkets Inc. has selected RouteScience's PathControl.

PathControl, according to route control solution provider RouteScience, measures in real time an organization's end-to-end application performance to its own end users over the Internet, giving the enterprise visibility into Internet service provider (ISP) performance.

Then, using these performance metrics and customer preferences for ISP link cost, PathControl determines the best ISP path and automatically updates the organization's edge routers in real time with the best path routing information.

According to RouteScience, the results are a cost-efficient use of Internet bandwidth and faster transactions for 50 to 80 percent of destinations, making them more than twice as fast on average and up to 10 times faster for poorly served end users.

"We continuously seek out innovative technologies that can enhance our ability to deliver industry-leading e-sourcing software and service solutions to our customers around the world," said John Benzinger, vice president of information technology and product development at FreeMarkets. "PathControl provides us with the ability to detect Internet outages and congestion and utilize our redundant network architecture to provide our customers with the quickest path via the Internet to our Web-based e-sourcing applications."