Designed to Collaborate

Caterpillar puts CAD interoperability solution into production

Marlborough, MA  February 19, 2002  In order to facilitate greater interoperability between mechanical design systems, Caterpillar Inc. has signed an agreement with engineering supply chain collaboration software provider Proficiency to deploy its Collaboration Gateway.

Under the agreement, Caterpillar will use Proficiency's computer-aided design (CAD) interoperability product for engineering collaboration and to streamline the product development process.

The deployment follows the successful conclusion of Caterpillar's pilot and beta testing of the Collaboration Gateway.

According to Proficiency, the Collaboration Gateway is a stand-alone product that enables users to share assembly and part models without loss of design intelligence (features, history and constraints), without delay and intellectual property risks, and without human intervention.

Proficiency began shipping its CAD interoperability product in September 2001.

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