IPNet, EDI Specialists Partner

Look to ease customers' transition from legacy systems to the Internet

Newport Beach, CA  March 14, 2002  B2B integrator IPNet Solutions has partnered with consulting firm EDI Specialists to jointly market and implement IPNet's enterprise transaction delivery and trading community management products.

In a statement, the two companies said that the partnership would help joint customers ease the transition from legacy systems based on electronic data interchange (EDI) over value-added networks (VANs) to Internet-based communications with trading partners. By moving to Web-based interactions with partners, customers should be able to assemble online trading communities more quickly, the two companies said.

"As a professional services partner, EDI Specialists is committed to working with IPNet to transition its customers from the traditional EDI systems they are currently using, to the Internet," said Wayne Marshall, vice president of professional services for EDI Specialists. "The flexibility IPNet's products provide  including the ability to transition from a VAN to the Internet one trading partner or one transaction type at a time  is key to providing a seamless transition."

IPNet's two connectivity product lines, BizManager and eBizness Transact, are aimed at simplifying the tasks required to manage a large number of diverse trading partners. BizManager allows companies to securely exchange various transaction types with their trading partners, while eBizness Transact, IPNet's flagship solution, provides partner connectivity and transaction delivery for organizations with limited data exchange requirements.

"We've chosen to partner with EDI Specialists due to their expertise in quickly and successfully implementing enterprise business-to-business solutions, which is what our customers require when getting their trading communities up and running," said Allen Jayme, vice president of business development at IPNet Solutions. "With this partnership, we extend our elite professional services offering. And by jointly marketing our software solution with EDI Specialists, we're able to reach more customers more quickly."