Computer Associates Gets out of SCM

SSA Global Technologies acquires interBiz supply chain and financial application product lines

Chicago  April 8, 2002  Enterprise software provider SSA Global Technologies has acquired the supply chain management, financial management and human-resource-management product lines of interBiz, which is the e-business applications division of Computer Associates.

Products covered under this transaction include CAS, interBiz Logistics, interBiz Online, interBiz Reports, KBM, MANMAN, Masterpiece/Net, MasterPiece/Net HRMS, MAXCIM, MK Logistics, MK Manufacturing, PRMS and Warehouse BOSS. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

SSA reported that it is already integrating interBiz employees into its structure. According to a Reuters report, about 725 CA employees will move to SSA.

"We are dedicated to providing new products and enhancements that continually increase our customers' returns on investment," said Michael Greenough, president, chairman and CEO of SSA. "We see value in these existing brands and will continue to invest in these products."

SSA said in a statement that the deal would provide the critical mass to reposition the company as a leading supplier in specific vertical markets, expanding its global capabilities, resources and customers. SSA currently views automotive, fast-moving consumer goods (including food, beverage and electronics), general manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries as its key vertical markets.

Meanwhile, CA President and CEO Sanjay Kumar said that Computer Associates would be focusing on enterprise management, security, storage, application development and integration, business intelligence and portals. "We believe this agreement will ensure the continued development and evolution of the interBiz products and provide existing interBiz customers with the best long-term support and technology roadmap," Kumar said, adding, "We will work closely with SSA Global Technologies to ensure a smooth transition for our customers and employees."

Over the past year, SSA has been re-engineering its company to deliver a solution strategy that involves e-commerce and collaboration with BPCS, its core ERP product. SSA said it would apply its business model and solution strategy to the newly acquired products, offering current interBiz customers new opportunities to benefit from e-business and collaboration solutions.