LYNXX to Savings

The NAM to reduce printing costs for members

Washington, D.C.  April 8, 2002  The National Association of Manufacturers announced that it has formed a new partnership with printLYNXX, a Pennsylvania firm that offers a software application to manage all stages of printing projects.

The average company spends 3 percent of revenues on printing costs, and for many manufacturers it's much higher, said NAM President Jerry Jasinowski. The total print spend is often spread scattershot across the organization and owned' by no one. Most companies have little sense of how much they spend on printing, or how they could manage and reduce those costs  even in an era when cost-cutting is a key survival tool.

Categorized in internal accounting as everything from ink and paper to information conveyed on any substrate, true printing costs are often hidden under countless labels, such as marketing materials, packaging, forms, advertising specialties, CD-ROMs, stockholder communications, direct mail  even office supplies.  Some printing costs vanish entirely into the larger sea of consulting and outsourced contracts.

According to the company, printLYNXX's Web-enabled software system allows users to better manage this unruly hydra, first by determining an organization's complete, actual print spend; then by discovering, managing and eliminating hidden and miscategorized print costs; and finally by controlling expenses across multiple autonomous internal purchasing silos leveraging collective buying power.

Current users the software include Consolidated Edison, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Boston University and the NAM.

We have found very few Internet-based solutions that can deliver measurable ROI on the hard-dollar side of purchasing, Jasinowski said. But printLYNXX is one of them, which is why we've adopted their system for ourselves.