Making a Comeback

Aberdeen forecasts a recovery for IT spending

Boston  April 10, 2002  In a report released today, Aberdeen Group, a market analysis and positioning services firm, announced that worldwide information technology (IT) spending will reach $1.43 trillion by 2005.

Worldwide IT Spending 2002-2005: Timing the Recovery, an Aberdeen research report, provides an overview of the monies spent on hardware, software or services with regional and country by country breakouts. It also forecasts the recovery on a quarter-by-quarter basis through 2002.

"Total IT expenditures in 2001 were flat worldwide and grew at a slightly negative rate in the United States," said Hugh Bishop, senior vice president. "Aberdeen forecasts that spending will begin to recover this year, although the degree and exact timing of that recovery will vary from country to country."

Aberdeen forecasts that IT spending growth will be significantly lower than the double-digit rates observed in the late 1990s. As a result, technology suppliers will have less room for error. "IT spending will no longer be a tide that lifts all boats," continued Bishop. "As a result, suppliers and market segments exhibiting hyper-growth will most likely do so at the expense of others."

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