Two for i2

Halliburton, Del Monte divisions sign up for solutions

Dallas  April 25, 2002  Supply chain software provider i2, battered recently following a precipitous drop in revenues and the resignation of its CEO, this week got some good news with the announcement of two customer wins, Halliburton Energy Services and Del Monte Fresh Produce.

Halliburton Energy Services, a business unit of Vice President Dick Cheney's alma mater, Halliburton Co., has implemented elements of i2's customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) solutions.

Halliburton Energy Services provides products, services and integrated solutions for oil and gas exploration, development and production. With a goal of being the leading provider of real time reservoir solutions, the company deployed i2's Sales Configurator and Sales Pricer solutions to facilitate self-service configuration and ordering of products, and to better collaborate with its customers, improving real-time operations and access to technical and commercial information.

With Sales Configurator, Halliburton reported that it can offer a high degree of parts customization in its Well Completion System, a solution that allows customers to create custom well completions to meet their particular well needs. Halliburton uses Sales Configurator in a Web-based environment to offer real-time automated customer assistance and order validation, and to reduce configuration errors during order capture.

"Rapid and accurate response is critical to the Well Configuration System," said Alvaro Escorcia, director of real time reservoir solutions at Halliburton. "We must have the necessary components ready as they are needed. Often our customers are working in offshore drilling or other remote environments, which makes the process that much more complex. i2's software gives us the ability to function as if the team were in one place, with fast and accurate planning and collaboration possible. We've been able to increase visibility and standardize on parts, while meeting our customers' unique needs."

Halliburton also implemented Sales Pricer, which provides dynamic, rules-based pricing that i2 says can increase pricing flexibility, reduce pricing maintenance and speed turn-around time.

Meanwhile, Del Monte Fresh Produce, a subsidiary of Fresh Del Monte Produce, has purchased the i2 Transportation solution in a bid to collaborate more closely with its carriers and customers throughout the transportation procurement, transportation planning and execution phases.

i2 said its Transportation solution will help the Del Monte subsidiary maintain high customer service standards while minimizing shipping costs.

Explaining its choice of the Transportation solution, Del Monte Fresh Produce cited the i2 software's transportation procurement, planning and execution functionality, as well as i2's ability to provide a solution supporting both logistics cost and profit-center operations, as integral to its decision. The company hopes to use this functionality to drive down operating costs and maintain its stringent delivery commitments within the fresh produce market. The subsidiary aims to maintain full control and visibility across its multi-channel shipping infrastructure, thereby realizing additional cost savings.

"Speed is of the essence when distributing produce at the peak of freshness, and transportation cost savings are important because it helps us keep consumer prices down," said Sergio Mancilla, senior vice president for shipping operations at Fresh Del Monte. "We believe we can meet the needs of our customers quickly and maintain our quality standards by having i2's industry-leading solutions power our complex transportation network."