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TIBCO partners with RosettaNet, PTC for business integration platform

Palo Alto, CA  May 8, 2002 Today's high-tech manufacturers (HTMs) are facing increased challenges matching demand and supply with shorter product lifecycles and complex supply chain networks. In reaction to that, TIBCO Software Inc. announced the availability of TIBCO ActiveExchange, through which it said those companies will be able to take full advantage of secure Web services.

TIBCO also announced that it has partnered with product lifecycle management solution provider PTC, while also leveraging its long-standing relationship with RosettaNet, to deliver a business integration platform for HTMs that spans the process from product design to fulfillment. For example, TIBCO and PTC can provide an end-to-end RosettaNet solution for product information exchange through the integration of TIBCO ActiveExchange for RosettaNet and PTC's Interactive Product Catalog solution, Windchill PartsLink.

As part of TIBCO's suite of business integration products, TIBCO ActiveExchange allows businesses to automate processes and transactions with other companies over the Internet. TIBCO ActiveExchange also provides a single platform for enterprise application integration (EAI) and B2B.

And, by providing the ability to integrate internal processes and systems with cross-company transactions, TIBCO said TIBCO ActiveExchange allows HTMs to cut product introduction times, reduce inventory levels, lower the cost of distributor management, improve the efficiency of order processing, and gain improved performance from their supply chains and distribution channels.

"Streamlining business processes both internally and externally is an integral part of our worldwide e-business strategy. We needed a complete solution for EAI, B2B connectivity and business process automation to increase the efficiency of our supply chain, which ultimately, helps us get to market faster," said Bill Roeder, director of Worldwide eBusiness Global Sales Operations for Philips Semiconductors. "With the TIBCO solutions we are able to interface using industry standards and obtain visibility to our supply chain, enabling us to make more accurate forecasts based on real-time information. The result is improved customer service and cost savings because we are able to decrease the burden on our internal resources."

Additionally, TIBCO's partnership with RosettaNet, a non-profit consortium that has created initiatives designed to solve issues within the high-technology supply chain, allows HTMs to leverage their existing investments in industry standards.

"High-tech manufacturers are in the unique position of benefiting significantly from streamlined supply chains through enhanced efficiencies," said Jennifer Hamilton, chief executive officer of RosettaNet. "Emerging solutions being delivered to the marketplace by RosettaNet partners such as TIBCO Software will go a long way towards opening the lines of communication between companies and their partners and suppliers."