To the Point

Gearworks announces software for businesses that depend on dispatched mobile workers

Minneapolis, MN  May 15, 2002  Gearworks, a Minneapolis-based provider of wireless and Web-based applications, announced the release of etrace 3.0, which is a version of the company's main product that automates and manages business activities carried out by workers in the field.

etrace consists of a wireless application that runs on off-the-shelf handheld devices, a Web-based system that provides dispatchers with a centralized data and communications tool, and a real-time connection back to enterprise systems.

Version 3.0 includes a new modular architecture and a dynamic GUI that allow etrace to be configured to meet the specific needs of customers in a variety of vertical industries. For example, Gearworks said the needs and businesses processes of a commercial or residential plumbing company might be similar to those of an auto glass installation company, but their workflows most likely differ. etrace 3.0's new architecture allows the application to be quickly configured for each company without the high costs typically associated with customizing a product.

Additional 3.0 features include SmartForms and event-driven data processing, as well as the QuickConnect software module that uses open-standard eXtensible Markup Language (XML) technology to easily exchange data with business' existing enterprise systems. etrace 3.0 runs on off-the-shelf hardware such as the ruggedized handheld computers from Symbol Technologies.

The point of delivery market that Gearworks is targeting includes vertical industries in which dispatched mobile workers carry out similar tasks in the field, including mobile field service, pick-up and delivery, and campus-based services.

Currently, Gearworks is targeting the field services and transportation segments of the market, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical contracting, facility management, and home or commercial service delivery.