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General Mills reduces costs with PurchasingNet

Red Bank, NJ  May 20, 2002  PurchasingNet, Inc., is busy touting its latest happy customer, who just happens to be one of the largest corporations in the world.

According to a recent report, Minneapolis, MN-based General Mills, Inc. is seeing some serious ROI from its implementation of PurchasingNet's PurchasingNet-SQL e-procurement solution. The company's reported benefits include a 25% reduction in maverick buying, a 1-3% reduction in purchase prices, and a 4-8% savings in its overall procurement process.

The PurchasingNet implementation at General Mills took six months and the system interfaces to SAP, EDI translation software and its HostFax system. The PurchasingNet-SQL solution gives General Mills Web-based requisitioning, direct ordering, approval routing and self-service order status inquiries. Overall, Tom Lutz, General Mills eBusiness Leader, says, A good CFO will love PurchasingNet because of the visibility and the information on how much everyone is spending.

General Mills is currently planning to roll-out the PurchasingNet system to more end users. 

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