The Quest is Over

WEA Manufacturing/Warner Music Group tunes into SynQuest software

ATLANTAJune 10, 2002SynQuest, Inc. announced that WEA Manufacturing Inc., Warner Music Group's CD and DVD manufacturing company, has entered into a software license contract for SynQuest supply chain planning software. The company is seeking help from SynQuest software to help better plan and coordinate operational assets for maximum profit while accommodating varying levels of customer service and last-minute order changes.

WEA Manufacturing will use the SynQuest solution to further improve on time delivery and lower costs by synchronizing planning, scheduling and execution of orders. The software is designed to consider the cost, throughput and on time delivery tradeoffs to determine which combination will deliver the best overall business results.

"We brought in four scheduling software groups for functional specifications, and selected SynQuest based on a number of reasons including: functionality, ROI, compatibility with our existing Oracle systems, and conversations or visits with four existing SynQuest customers. We are confident that the SynQuest solution will allow us to plan much more pro-actively, improve efficiency and throughput, and reduce costs," said Erik Zerner, WEA Manufacturing DVD Business Analyst.

Initially, the company plans to use the software to reduce operating costs through improved planning and execution of orders in its Olyphant, Pa., and Commerce, Calif., plants. WEA Manufacturing anticipates performance gains by increasing on-time shipments, balancing new release and catalog replenishment orders, reducing scrap, decreasing direct and indirect labor cost, and supporting overall lean manufacturing objectives.

According to Tim Harvey, president of SynQuest, "With its innovative approach, WEA Manufacturing is already recognized as the avant-garde player in the CD and DVD reproduction industry. We are pleased to have the world's largest DVD producer as our latest customer, and we hope to help the company elevate its leadership position even further."