Would You Like Fries with Your Strategic Sourcing?

Wendy's takes a bite out of sourcing analysis with new technology

Plano, TX   June 19, 2002  They've got their mind on more than just hamburgers. Wendy's International Inc., one of the world's largest restaurant operating companies with more than 8,000 restaurants, is set to implement MindFlow Technologies' Strategic Sourcing Suite. 

During an initial two-month deployment of the MindFlow solution, the company identified significant savings through improved sourcing allocation and negotiation of contracts with new and existing suppliers.

Judy Hollis, vice president of strategic sourcing for Wendy's International, said the company's investment in people, processes and technologies is transforming its purchasing to that of a best-in-class strategic sourcing organization. "We are hopeful that strategic sourcing will significantly reduce our procurement costs and increase the productivity of our sourcing professionals," she said.

According to the company, Wendy's will use the MindFlow Strategic Sourcing Suite as the sourcing analysis platform to build total cost of ownership (TCO) sourcing models, thus executing contracts that optimize supplier and product selection.

MindFlow Technologies said their Suite enables purchasing managers to formulate sourcing strategies by bundling critical, low-spend items into complex, high-spend categories that allow purchasing managers to dynamically model the inbound supply chain during strategic negotiations.

"Our mission is to help global leaders such as Wendy's to significantly reduce costs," said John Keenan, president and CEO of MindFlow. "Our software enables purchasing managers to develop sourcing strategies that are tightly linked to their company's business objectives, optimize supplier and product selection in ways that reduce materials and freight/logistics costs, and improve product quality.