Managing Orders In Real Time

Order configuration solution speeds custom orders, improves capable-to-promise delivery

Kalamazoo, MI  July 25, 2002  Configuration Solutions Inc., a developer of configuration software, announced that Hose Master Inc., a provider of flexible metal hose and custom hose assemblies, is going to implement CS-Enterprise in its Cleveland, Ohio, manufacturing plant. CS-Enterprise (formerly e-Logia) is Configuration Solutions' configuration software solution designed specifically for providers of complex, make-to-order and engineer-to-order products and services.

According to Hose Master project manager Adrienne Gray, the CS-Enterprise configurator offers more capabilities than the configurator the company has used for several years. "Our legacy configurator was adequate for basic costing, bills of material and routing," noted Gray.

Specifically, Gray said her company wanted a Web-enabled, rules-based system that would allow its sales force, distribution partners and customers to configure and order custom hose assemblies online, without the need for technical assistance. "When integrated with our new Made2Manage [enterprise resource planning] system, which is being implemented concurrently, CS-Enterprise will help us reduce lead times by improving our capable-to-promise visibility at the time of order entry," she said.

When fully implemented in October, the CS-Enterprise configuration engine is expected to speed up processing of the approximately 500 custom assemblies Hose Master ships each day. Based on engineering rules established by Hose Master, CS-Enterprise will enable the sales force and direct customers to enter application specifications  temperature and pressure parameters, for example  and the configurator will recommend the proper components, online and in real time. As a result, Hose Master anticipates lower technical service costs, faster order turnaround and improved customer service.