UN/CEFACT and OASIS Finalize JCC Appointments

Oracle and Sterling Commerce join ebXML management

Geneva, Switzerland and Boston, MA  July 25, 2002  ebXML sponsors, UN/CEFACT and OASIS, announced that Arijit Sengupta of Oracle and Bill Burcham of Sterling Commerce have joined the ebXML Joint Coordination Committee (JCC), the management body responsible for overall supervision of ebXML development, adoption and implementation. While ebXML specifications are advanced by specific OASIS technical committees and UN/CEFACT project teams, both standards organizations remain committed to jointly managing ebXML strategic vision, technical architecture and education.

Members of the ebXML JCC represent major Web services suppliers, standards bodies and government agencies. The committee is made up of five representatives from each of the sponsoring organizations. OASIS representatives include Arijit Sengupta of Oracle, Bill Burcham of Sterling Commerce, Simon Nicholson of Sun Microsystems, and Karl Best and Patrick Gannon of OASIS. Serving on behalf of UN/CEFACT are Klaus-Dieter Naujok of UN/CEFACT ebTWG and TWMG working groups, James Bryce Clark of McLure-Moynihan, Duane Nickull of XML Global, Ray Walker of the United Kingdom's Department of Trade and Industry, and Brian Hayes of Collaborative Domain.

"The ebXML framework  available today and supported by a growing list of software suppliers  provides companies with a standard way to develop and deploy secure, reliable business-centric Web services," said Simon Nicholson of Sun Microsystems, who currently serves as chair of the ebXML JCC. "We're pleased to welcome Oracle and Sterling Commerce to the JCC and look forward to their input and continued support of ebXML development and adoption."

"Having Oracle and Sterling Commerce join the JCC as experts is a significant step event for ebXML," explained Duane Nickull of XML Global Technologies. "For the rapidly growing number of companies that are fast-tracking their ebXML implementations, the JCC is there to support their efforts and ensure technical coordination for all ebXML specifications. We welcome the expertise provided by Oracle and Sterling."

The ebXML JCC hosts joint meetings, where OASIS technical committees and UN/CEFACT project teams interface on related issues. The JCC also sponsors educational events, such as the recent 'Implementing ebXML' day at XML Europe 2002 in Barcelona.