e-Payments for AAA

Largest federation of motor and travel clubs automates its payment process

Mountain View, CA  August 29  CyberSource Corp., a provider of electronic payment and risk management solutions for enterprise businesses, today announced that AAA, the largest federation of motor and travel clubs in North America, has chosen CyberSource as its electronic payment processing solution provider to process payments accepted over the Internet or via call center for registration, and handle membership renewal and service payments.

With 1,100 local offices and more than 45 million members, AAA said it needed an electronic payment processing solution that supported high transaction volumes, allowed easy deployment for each club, and provided advanced reporting and management functionality to track financials in the aggregate and by individual club. After considering other providers, the CyberSource electronic payment solution was selected.

CyberSource said its payment service authorizes and settles electronic payments through built-in connections with third-party processors and merchant banks. Developed for large enterprises, CyberSource Payment supports Web, call center and IVR sales environments, and it also integrates with other commerce platforms, like enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. In addition, CyberSource said it uses U.S. Treasury-grade transaction security to authenticate and secure all the transactions processed on behalf of its more than 3,000 customers worldwide.

"The need to potentially serve 45 million AAA members via our Internet site and other possible touch points made ease of implementation and scalability to handle large transaction volumes a critical selection criteria for us," said Ron Morehead, AAA Internet managing director. "CyberSource met all our selection criteria, and their solution provides a high level of security, competitive pricing and reporting, which will help simplify financial management and reconciliation."