Getting the Show on the Road

Descartes has new routing and scheduling offering for small fleet owners, fixed-route distributors

Waterloo, Ontario  August 29, 2002  The Descartes Systems Group Inc., a provider of logistics solutions, this week unveiled Roadshow Express, a Routing and Scheduling offering, which enables small fleet owners and fixed-route distributors to optimize their delivery routes using a low-cost service, rather than a software solution. In addition, it gives organizations the ability to automate and integrate their delivery services on an annual basis.

Designed for fixed routes of 50 vehicles or less that require optimized plans, Descartes said an in-house team with Roadshow Express works to provide smaller firms with balanced sales territories and optimized route plans as a service, without the need to purchase software.

Roadshow Express has already been selected to provide optimized route planning and order sequencing for beverage distribution company Coca-Cola SouthEast New England, as well as Canadian hardware, building materials, housewares, and furniture retailer Home Hardware Stores Limited.

"Providing quality delivery service while minimizing costs is important regardless of the size of your fleet," said Don Kirck, director of transportation for Home Hardware Stores Limited. "Using Roadshow Express as a service makes optimization of our route planning possible and enables us to deliver the best level of service to our customers, without the added expense of hardware, software, maps or training."

Roadshow Express is the latest offering in the Descartes Routing and Scheduling solution suite. It is available now for the mid-market.