SCP on a Budget

INSIGHT lowers price point, offers supply chain design solution in basic, standard, enhanced versions

Tempe, AZ  September 16, 2002  INSIGHT, a provider of supply chain design solutions, is repackaging its flagship application in three configurations, offering an entry-level package as well as additional modules providing greater functionality for additional cost.

The solution provider's SAILS 21 supply chain planning application now comes in base, standard and advanced packages. INSIGHT says it is offering the tiered solution to meet its clients' need for lower, entry-level pricing.

SAILS Basic offers tools for analyzing distribution networks, including multiple-level distribution analysis, while the standard configuration includes functionality for evaluating distribution networks and detailed manufacturing representation, including line/asset level detail. An "enhanced" version adds multi-time-period analysis and inventory modeling.

INSIGHT says its solution can help companies improve their customer service levels and lower logistics costs by optimizing the location and numbers of raw material suppliers, manufacturing sites, distribution facilities and inventory assets.

The standard and enhanced versions come as modules that integrate with the base package and that use the same database structure. Clients may upgrade to additional modules with a simple password to unlock any new functionality.

"We believe this new flexible software delivery approach will allow all size organizations to receive value from strategic network design technology," says Jeff Karrenbauer, vice president of INSIGHT. "This is in response to the market's needs to invest in more focused products, specifically tailored to their needs."