Package Management Solution Debuts

Pitney Bowes system aims to standardize procedures and enforce shipping policies across multiple locations

Minneapolis  October 2, 2002  Pitney Bowes' Distribution Solutions division today unveiled a new Web-based, multi-carrier shipping system designed to allow users to initiate, track and validate the delivery of documents and packages from their desktop.

Pitney Bowes Distribution Solutions (PBDS) said the multi-location enterprise capabilities in its DeliverAbility package management software solution can help companies standardize their package management procedures and enforce policies.

The solution provides centralized control of shipping guidelines, access to shipment data for reporting and cost analysis, and improved communication between corporate and mail center employees in locations worldwide, according to PBDS.

The system assigns cost center codes to every shipment so charge-backs can be processed and tracked for internal and external customers. This gives management the capability to control and track shipping expenses, and operations and finance staff can use shipment cost center information to analyze current operations and establish new business rules and guidelines.

"Corporate mailrooms now need to manage deliveries internally and externally, from the office across the hallway to the sister facility half way around the world," said Stephen Smith, president of PBDS. "DeliverAbility ensures that important documents and parcels are visible at every step of the delivery process."

The solution offers all users, including customers, access to current shipment data, helping to reduce calls to the mailroom for tracking information. Address verification features can help improve on-time delivery performance and eliminate the fees associated with returned documents and parcels.

The solution supports FedEx Air and Ground, Airborne, UPS, DHL, USPS and customer-defined carriers. Users can base delivery decision on rates, special services or time requirements. And shipment originators and recipients can opt to receive automatic shipment and delivery notification emails, as well as summaries of recent shipments.

Companies can host DeliverAbility internally through their information technology department or can opt to use an external hosting provider of their choice or arranged through Pitney Bowes.