PeopleSoft's "Virtual Classroom"

Software provider's hosted training solution allows users to learn new applications over the Web

Pleasanton, CA  November 18, 2002  Enterprise software company PeopleSoft has taken its training online, offering what it is terming a "virtual classroom" designed to provide users with tailored hands-on training and real-time interaction with PeopleSoft applications to speed proficiency and adoption.

Traditionally, to get hands-on training with enterprise software applications, customers traveled to training centers, provider staff offered training onsite or users installed software and supporting applications on desktop computers. PeopleSoft said its Hosted Training requires only Internet access.

The new training option applies to all of the provider's solutions and encompasses both functional and technical classes, according to Robin Gunn, vice president of PeopleSoft Education for North America.

In addition, the provider is offering a range of training and e-learning options. For example, a customer working remotely can dial in using a low-bandwidth connection and access a computer-based introductory e-learning class on a PeopleSoft application. Then the user can attend a live Webcast session and later practice using PeopleSoft Hosted Training.

Alternatively, a company could conduct training in several sites simultaneously through the online facility, conducting online "chat" sessions with a remote instructor or using a live instructor located at one of the sites.

Gunn said the training can be customized  blending live teachers with strictly computer-based sessions  depending on the needs of a particular user or set of users.

The benefits of the online training include reduced costs, as well as increased adoption speed and, therefore, faster payback, Gunn asserted. "This solution will help our customers maximize their investment in PeopleSoft applications," she said.

Michael Gregoire, senior vice president of PeopleSoft Global Services, said the solution should be particularly useful for organizations with minimal IT infrastructure, allowing them to get the most out their software education budgets.

Hosted Training is expected to be available in December 2002.