Agile-1 Launches

Services and technology provider promises to streamline human capital management processes

Torrance, CA  November 19, 2002  New company Agile-1 debuted this week as a professional services and technology organization offering a human capital management solution.

The company's stated mission is to help companies deploy technology to streamline and automate the staffing process by providing a vendor-neutral approach that enables its clients to leverage volume, consolidate billing and recruit talent using a variety of resources.

Agile-1 is a division of ACT-1 Personnel Services, the largest certified woman minority-owned staffing service in the United States.

Because most staffing decisions take place at the departmental level, larger companies commonly use numerous staffing vendors to service their workforce needs. Reliance on multiple suppliers often results in the misuse of time, money and resources, Agile-1 asserted.

The new provider said it integrates processes and technology that enable hiring managers, suppliers and temporary staff to manage the contingent staffing process. The Agile-1 solution also allows managers to track usage, performance and trends on temporary staffing practices.

The potential payback is less time spent administering the contingent staff management process, as well as reduced errors within the process, Agile-1 asserted.

"We offer a carefully engineered, integrated managed staffing process, along with a Web-based solution, for companies to manage all phases of the temporary staffing cycle," said David Burcham, president of the new company. "With just a computer system, an Internet connection and a browser, users can initiate transactions, track the status of job orders and manage the billing and invoicing process."

Agile-1's consultants can help clients streamline the staffing process by managing invoicing and billing processes, as well as filling staffing needs, Burcham added.

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