The Time is Ripe for Collaboration

Sun-Maid Growers, Johanna Foods select Commerce One for better supply chain communication; provider implements first private label manufacturer

Pleasanton, CA  November 26, 2002  Commerce One this week announced that nine leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, including Continental Mills, Johanna Foods and Sun-Maid Growers, purchased Commerce One Xpress solutions in the third quarter of 2002 to improve collaboration across their supply chains.

Additionally, Commerce One announced it has implemented its first private label manufacturer, Johanna Foods, to UCCnet in order to help them do business with major retailers through UCCnet.

Commerce One explained that private label grocery store brands, which account for approximately $50 billion in annual sales, face unique challenges in integrating with UCCnet because of the involvement of multiple manufacturers.

Commerce One worked closely with Johanna Foods and Wegmans to solve this business problem.

Now the Xpress solutions help manufacturers meet UCCnet's requirements to integrate product information with the UCCnet GLOBALregistry, according to the provider. Private label manufacturers such as Johanna Foods can publish their item data to UCCnet in order to work with major retailers such as Wegmans.

"The solution developed by Johanna Foods and Commerce One has helped us to create a prototype for future private label UCCnet implementations," said Brad Papietro, business to business project manager at Wegmans. "Commerce One's experience, knowledge and diligence made this a quick and easy solution."

Mark Hoffman, chairman and CEO of Commerce One, said "We are pleased to play a key role in helping CPG manufacturers and retailers work with UCCnet to improve communication and collaboration across their supply chains."