Diagnosis: Healthy Supply Management

Pharmaceutical and medical-surgical products distributor gets some preventive medicine from ProactiveNet

Santa Clara, CA  November 27, 2002  Performance measurement and management solutions provider ProactiveNet Inc., said that McKesson Corp., a distributor of pharmaceutical and medical-surgical products, selected and deployed ProactiveNet to support its Supply Management Online application.

Like other companies in the healthcare market, McKesson said it relies on supply management technologies to streamline processes and reduce operating costs. Its Supply Management Online application is the primary back-end online system supporting advanced capabilities in order management, supply management, decision support and financial management for healthcare clients and partners.

ProactiveNet said its monitoring, management and root cause analysis features enable McKesson's operations team to reduce the time and effort needed to identify the source of application performance problems, direct the appropriate resource to the problems, and resolve them.

"Supply Management Online is the core application behind our order management services, and we needed a comprehensive solution that could handle the load of measuring and managing the availability and performance," said Morgan Morris, vice president, architecture at McKesson. "After prototyping several application performance management solutions, we found that ProactiveNet's breadth of coverage, including support for WebLogic and Sun ONE, exceeded all our expectations. No other approach came close to ProactiveNet's operational scalability, reliability and flexibility."

Considering McKesson's diversity of infrastructure components, the company also required "an agnostic, open tool," Morris said, "and ProactiveNet supports a clean integration with existing collection methods for a heterogeneous environment."

ProactiveNet CEO Ajay Singh said, "Traditional monitoring tools manage mostly availability for one element at a time, which is inadequate for a business-critical online application like McKesson's Supply Management Online application. Our solution was built for scalability. It is complementary to traditional frameworks, and as a result, integration with existing collection methods is simplified, even for heterogeneous environments like McKesson."

While McKesson's reliance on both EMS and various monitoring services comprises a valid system management scenario, there was a need and desire to consolidate the views and gain visibility into infrastructure performance problems within Supply Management Online. Before deploying ProactiveNet, there was no easy way to build cross-device reporting, nor the ability to display system performance to various groups/entities.

"ProactiveNet delivers on its core value proposition, visibility into performance problems," Morris said. "It has opened our eyes, providing a view into application performance that was impossible to achieve with any other solution."