New Module Promotes Collaboration

Framework's ActiveView made for better document review, information sharing

Burlington, MA  December 12, 2002  Decision support software provider Framework Technologies has announced ActiveView, its newest standalone team collaboration module for use within Framework's solutions for product introduction (ActiveProduct) and project execution (ActiveAEC).

The provider said ActiveView was made for companies that want to deploy a collaborative system designed to speed data sharing and visualization across extended project teams. Ultimately, this product is supposed to help improve team synchronization, facilitate the collaborative process and share information among team members.

Framework said the module facilitates the collaborative process by enabling teams to share, view and markup all project files, not just computer-aided design (CAD) files, in a secure, Web-accessible workspace.

In addition, the module supports business and technical documents created in desktop tools during the course of a manufacturing or architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) project, and it captures and organizes team comments and automatically notifies contributors when key information changes.

The module also allows team members to subscribe to specific information related to their role on each project, so they can instantly receive notifications of changes and respond immediately as appropriate. Other capabilities included with ActiveView are user security and management, Web template creation, workspace editing, advanced 3D and improved graphics processing.

Kevin O'Leary, director of product marketing for Framework Technologies, said, "ActiveView is ideal for companies that want to make review processes more efficient and improve team and information synchronization. In addition, we're confident that companies will be pleased with ActiveView's ability to be quickly deployed and to generate fast, demonstrable results."