ILOG, Versata Team on BPM

"Executive dashboard" provides monitoring display for better business process management, providers say

Tempe, AZ  December 18, 2002  ILOG, a supplier of enterprise-class software components, and Versata, a provider of software and services to automate the business logic and processes behind enterprise applications, this week announced the second phase of a partnership intended to produce customized business process management (BPM) solutions.

Under this second phase of the companies' partnership, ILOG has developed a connector between ILOG JViews and the Versata Logic Server's Process Logic Engine that is designed to enable businesses to more efficiently manage complex processes across an organization.

The new JViews connector is designed to further help companies meet their BPM objectives by enabling the creation of a real-time monitoring display, generally referred to as an "executive dashboard," and tying that to an engine for enacting processes, routing work to participants and providing integration points with external enterprise systems.

An emerging type of enterprise application, BPM promises more efficient operations and the ability to respond more effectively to customer needs as well as changing business conditions by enabling businesses to better coordinate and manage business processes. Executive dashboards provide the monitoring and management capabilities that help users understand how tasks have been routed and where they may be delayed.

By facilitating on-the-fly process changes, involving external customers in the processes, and delivering work to the right place at the right time, Versata and ILOG said they will now provide their joint customers with the tools to achieve an end-to-end business BPM solution.

"The combination of Versata's Process Logic Engine with ILOG JViews will provide customers with a critical real-time view of their business processes," said Eugene Wong, Versata CEO. "With this second phase of our collaboration with ILOG, we are continuing to fulfill our pledge to help our customers meet their business goals."

"Today's market conditions demand that companies be more responsive and efficient in managing complex processes across organizational boundaries," said Eric Brisson, ILOG's vice president for strategic business development. "ILOG's collaboration with Versata has led to the development of a suite of products that work together to address these business-critical issues, providing enterprises with better management tools by giving them a bird's eye view of the entire decision-making and execution processes."

With this latest announcement, the two companies are building on their existing relationship, announced earlier this year, which called for the creation of a bridge  or connector  between the ILOG JRules Business Rule Management System (BRMS) and the Versata Logic Server. The connector between the Logic Server, an application server extension for managing business logic, and BRMS provides a unified platform that supports various types of business logic, including executing transactions, processing and decision-making, giving business users the ability to manage and maintain business rules.

For more information on the latest solutions for business process management, see "BPM Rising," the Net Best Thing column in the October 2002 issue of iSource Business.