Accelerating Wireless Implementations

GlobeRanger offers "Quick-Start" packages for transportation and logistics

Richardson, TX  January 2, 2003  Solution provider GlobeRanger has begun offering transportation and logistics companies "Quick-Start" packages for rapidly deploying wireless applications to enable real-time item-level visibility and tracking, decision-making and process support.

GlobeRanger targets transportation and logistics companies with wireless supply chain solutions that enable real-time visibility, decision-making and process support using a combination of wireless technology and application software.

The provider said that with the Quick-Start packages, companies have the ability to use the technology, validate their return on investment and impact on business processes before deploying on a large-scale basis.

The packages include applications for inbound and outbound logistics, wireless handheld devices, network services, basic customization and integration support.

"Companies today are looking to implement solutions that address specific pain points with proven returns," said John Todd, CEO of GlobeRanger. "These packages are specifically designed for transportation and logistics companies to enable them to focus on priority areas for rapid implementation and [return on investment]."

As an example, Todd said that GlobeRanger had just completed an implementation of its outbound logistics solution for a major third-party logistics provider that took less than six weeks from requirements to operations.

GlobeRanger's solutions offer such features as electronic proof of delivery, item-level visibility, immediate discrepancy reconciliation, Web-based reporting and alerts. Potential benefits from using the solution include improved productivity of essential operating personnel, reduced pick-up/delivery errors, minimized billing cycles and lowered inventory carrying cost.