Manu Touts Scalability of Fulfillment 7.0

Says solution meets needs of high-volume retailers, offers platform flexibility

Rockville, MD  January 14, 2003  Supply chain solution provider Manugistics this week touted the scalability performance of version 7.0 of its fulfillment solution on a variety of hardware platforms, saying that the solution meets key needs for high-volume retailers.

NetWORKS Fulfillment 7.0 offers a large-volume, highly scalable retail solution designed to enable clients to provide more accurate sales forecasts to the store and stock-keeping unit (SKU) level, the provider said.

The solution can help large retailers by creating a more accurate optimized distribution plan, allowing the retailers to set optimal inventory levels and decide appropriate product mix and storage capacity across their fulfillment networks, according to Manugistics. The provider says its retail solution can help specifically address appropriate seasonal pre-builds and optimal lane volumes to maximize customer service during the holiday season and other peak periods.

"Retailers of all sizes must deploy enterprisewide fulfillment replenishment planning systems to remain competitive in today's fast moving marketplace," said Sean Gibson, vice president of retail for Manugistics.

Gibson added that Manugistics working with hardware providers to help boost performance for enterprisewide fulfillment and replenishment planning systems for retail clients. Manugistics this week touted its solution's scalability performance on hardware platforms from Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Sun.

Gene Alvarez, vice president at technology consultancy META Group, noted the importance of scalability to major retailers. "High-volume retailers need an exceptional level of performance, scalability, and robust planning capability, to adequately forecast and meet customer needs today and into the future," Alvarez said.