Wild Oats Selects IMI

Food retailer seeks to improve replenishment and order processes

Mt. Laurel, NJ  February 3, 2003  Natural foods retailer Wild Oats Markets is set to use a solution from Industri-Matematik International in a bid to improve replenishment and order processes across its 101 stores in the United States and Canada.

IMI software is the cornerstone of a major supply chain initiative at Wild Oats covering order management, replenishment, transportation and warehousing.

Wild Oats will use IMI Store software to create retail sales forecasts and leverage a combination of forecasts and point-of-sale data so that Wild Oats can generate replenishment orders based on local store conditions that are matched with product available in its distribution network. IMI's Retail software will support Wild Oats' ongoing effort to reduce out-of-stock levels and improve service to its customers, while also reducing excess inventory and transportation costs.

With IMI Store software, Wild Oats store directors expect to be able to create an accurate store order to replenish store shelves based on consumer demand forecasts. This order will be sent to the Wild Oats centralized order-well managed by IMI Order software, which consolidates all orders for every product across the company's entire retail store network.

IMI Order will then source product from the Wild Oats warehouses, distribution centers and suppliers, consolidating orders to achieve pricing efficiencies and to optimize product flow to the stores for greater distribution efficiencies.

"Wild Oats is taking an innovative approach by aligning its supply chain processes with consumer demand at the store shelf," said Timothy Campbell, IMI's president and CEO. "By focusing on the source of orders  the actual demand  their stores will have the right product on the shelf at the right time to better meet customers' needs."

The IMI software will be integrated with Wild Oats' enterprise resource planning application, closing the loop between order management and accounts payable processes.