Optiant, Competitive Logistics Team

CL adds supply chain design, inventory optimization software to its offering

Tempe, AZ  February 5, 2003  Supply chain solution providers Competitive Logistics and Optiant are teaming up in a partnership that they say will help companies develop and implement inventory strategies that reduce exposure to constant fluctuations in supply and demand.

Under their agreement, Competitive Logistics will offer Optiant's supply chain design software, PowerChain 4.0, as part of its portfolio of solutions for designing and optimizing supply chains.

Competitive Logistics said it believes Optiant's solution will meet the growing needs of its customer base, which includes many of the world's best-known food and beverage, retail and consumer goods companies, such as ConAgra Foods, United Agri Products and England Logistics. Within these highly competitive markets, flexible supply chains can help companies navigate ever-changing consumer demand and unpredictable supply caused by uncertain economic conditions.

Optiant said its solution enables global companies to collaboratively design real-world supply chains that balance the critical decisions that are made at all stages of the product delivery process, from materials procurement to distribution. The PowerChain solution allows stakeholders to quickly evaluate the impact of choices on such broader business issues such as cost, time-to-market and customer satisfaction, and then make the best possible decisions, Optiant said.

"Until now, many companies have focused on solving logistics and network design challenges, but overlooked detailed inventory planning in their supply chain strategies," said Richard Sharpe, president and CEO of Competitive Logistics, based in Atlanta. "As the pressure to improve financial performance grows, we see strategic inventory management as a critical piece of the supply chain equation. CL is technology neutral and has alliances with the market leaders in decision support technology. Our agreement with Optiant extends our ability to help our customers maintain competitive advantage in this critical area."