PTC Delivers Wildfire

Collaborative design specialist emphasizes process in latest Pro/ENGINEER release

Needham, MA  February 10, 2003  Collaborative design specialist PTC today said it had begun shipping the production release of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, the latest version of the company's flagship product design and development application.

PTC (formerly Parametric Technology) unveiled the new version back in June but just made the application generally available. The software features a new interface that the solution provider said can increase user productivity by up to 30 percent over the previous version.

The company said it invested more than three years in research and development to come up with the improvements in the upgrade, and at least one user seems to feel that the provider's efforts have paid off.

"Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire has raised my efficiency level," said Dennis Steffen of Plantation Key Design, a Florida-based consultant developing electrical and medical products. "The streamlined user interface and direct modeling capabilities give users the option to make decisions when they really should be made. Before I had to think out the model before I designed it. Now my models have incredible flexibility which enables me to be more creative," added Stefan, who has written user guides for Pro/ENGINEER.

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For more information on how Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire is streamlining processes for designers and engineers, read "e-Processes in Practice: Product Design at Plantation Key Design," a sidebar to the article "The Elusive Process Improvement Nirvana" in the October/November 2002 issue of iSource Business.