Akibia Targets Service Parts Management

Implements Servigistics solution in bid to increase service levels, drive customer loyalty

Atlanta Ñ February 24, 2003 Ñ Akibia, a leading provider of customized and integrated support solutions for complex UNIX and Windows environments, is set to use a service parts management solution from Servigistics in a bid to improve customer loyalty and overall profitability through better management of the company's global service parts inventory.

Akibia will implement Servigistics globally across 100 stocking locations to manage approximately $20 million in service parts inventory. The company is counting on the solution to increase service levels and improve customer loyalty while creating a competitive advantage through superior service parts management, ultimately leading to higher profits.

Servigistics' service part management solution will create service part demand forecasts, rebalance field inventory and trigger required procurement and replenishment orders in order to meet daily service levels for all parts, in all locations on a global basis.

"Servigistics' rapid implementation and low total cost of ownership will enable us to achieve immediate financial results while expanding our business and maintaining our distinction as a leader in customer service and industry reputation for exceeding customer expectations," said Greg Palmer, Akibia senior vice president of global operations. "Servigistics' core competency in service parts management, combined with an ability to integrate directly to both our in-house systems as well as to those of our [third-part logistics] partners, was an important factor in our decision. Also, their ability to handle our complex part relationships made Servigistics the obvious choice for Akibia."

Mike Landry, founder and chief technology officer of Servigistics, noted that Akibia, like many other companies, has recognized the strategic importance of superior service parts management and is seeking to use it to drive profits and customer loyalty to new levels. "They know that complex inventory challenges require an advanced service parts management solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of their global service operations," Landry said.

The Servigistics solution will assist Akibia in delivering same-day service to its Fortune 500 clients that are running enterprise, UNIX-based, mission-critical applications. Since many of Akibia's customers require two-, four- or six-hour response times, having the right part in the right place at the right time is imperative, and Akibia points to its ability to do this as a key factor in the company's success of the past 14 years.