Boosting Users' IT Knowledge

Aberdeen, KnowledgeStorm partner to help clients with technology buying decisions

Atlanta, GA and Boston, MA  March 3, 2003  KnowledgeStorm, a provider of IT product, service and market information, and market research and consulting services firm Aberdeen Group announced a partnership to provide their respective users with content and tools aimed at reducing the risks associated with critical technology buying decisions.

Aberdeen is known for its research and analysis on business process and technology segments including supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM) and security. The firm recently debuted the Aberdeen Enterprise Network, a network of online communities for specific enterprise and technology segments. The initial Aberdeen Enterprise Network communities, Supply Chain Access and CRM Access already draw tens of thousands of visitors, including a core membership of supply chain, sales and marketing executives.

Over time, Aberdeen said each of its community sites would have a customized directory. Co-branded by Aberdeen and KnowledgeStorm, the directories will offer segment-specific IT solution profiles across the full spectrum of software and services. For example, directory will be categorized by the taxonomy and terms associated with customer relationship management.

KnowledgeStorm offers information on more than 22,000 IT products and services and, according to the provider, delivers more than five times the number of actionable leads compared to traditional marketing methods.

Both companies said the partnership is expected to deliver increased revenue, while current clients of each can expect preferred status when doing business with KnowledgeStorm or Aberdeen Group. This is the first of its kind relationship between KnowledgeStorm and the technology analyst community. Further details about the agreement were not disclosed.

"KnowledgeStorm and Aberdeen Group are a natural fit," said Tim Minahan, vice president of Supply Chain Research for Aberdeen Group. "Enterprises and technology providers look to Aberdeen for in-depth research and advice to aid their technology strategies and purchase decisions. KnowledgeStorm complements this research with an IT products and services directory enterprises can use to identify and evaluate solution providers that can help execute their technology strategies."

Jeff Ramminger, executive vice president of Products, Technology and Marketing for KnowledgeStorm, added, "With little time and less budget, IT buyers who may or may not have 'IT' in their title need access to all information possible. With KnowledgeStorm and Aberdeen partnering, our visitors can continue to make 'apple-to-apple' comparisons of IT solutions, while at the same time delving deep into Aberdeen's strategic and specific research."