ChemConnect, ForestExpress to Link

Hope to foster collaboration between chemical and forestry related industries

Houston and Atlanta Ñ March 10, 2003 Ñ e-Marketplaces ChemConnect Inc. and ForestExpress announced today that they would connect to each otherÕs networks, enabling member companies of each hub to exchange electronic business documents without having to establish and maintain one-to-one connections.

For the first time, according to the companies, customers will be able to use their ForestExpress and ChemConnect network connections, as well as their own preferred standard format, whether papiNet or CIDX.

The companies anticipate the hubs will be exchanging documents next quarter, promoting interoperability between existingÑand potentialÑtrading partners, automating and streamlining key business processes.

Bob Renner, ForestExpress CEO, said, ÒMany of our customers are moving to integrated relationships with their key suppliers; this connection allows that collaboration using an established connection to our network.Ó

ChemConnect CEO John Robinson added, "As major trading partners with the forestry industry, chemical companies are looking to better integrate business processes. By linking with ForestExpress, we continue to drive value for our members. Hub-to-hub connections like this remain a cornerstone of our push to promote supply chain efficiency."

ChemConnect said it provides its members back-end connectivity to global trading partners in multiple industries. Transactions are based on Chem eStandards, the inventory, forecasting, and collaboration electronic messages developed by the Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX), for the transfer of eXtensible Markup Language (XML) documents. Through hub-to-hub connections, ChemConnect supports other XML-based, EDI or flat file documents.

ForestExpress said it supports a variety of formats including EDI, XML and papiNet, the global electronic standards initiative of the paper and forest products industry, and provides services and solutions including B2B integration, catalog content services, and timber sourcing via an electronic marketplace.