Product Planning Gains Traction at American Racing

Aftermarket wheel manufacturer selects software to increase product development success

Burlington, MA -- March 12, 2003 -- Project execution decision support software provider Framework Technologies this week announced it was selected by American Racing Equipment Inc., an aftermarket wheel manufacturer, to assist the company in product planning by reducing its new wheel design development time.

American Racing said that with FrameworkÕs ActiveProduct it intends to meet an aggressive product introduction schedule during 2003 while reducing product costs and increasing revenues.

According to American Racing Equipment, the software will enable it to modify its processes to decrease development cycle times, such as getting rid of time-consuming communications with suppliers and design changes late in the development cycle that tooling shops are ill-prepared to handle. American Racing has a strategy of increasing revenues by quickly bringing the right products to the right markets, and by reducing engineering project costs through the elimination of delays and errors.

The wheel manufacturer said the software would accelerate new product development by linking all parties involved with design and engineering; it minimizes communication barriers between business partners, enabling immediate resolution of critical issues.

Additionally, ActiveProject, ActiveProductÕs core team collaboration software, will encourage tooling and mold shops to become involved in the design process in early stages, better equipping them for design changes. Tracking the activities of team members and ensuring team access to the most up-to-date information will reduce design times.

Andy Paskin, director of product engineering for American Racing Equipment, said his companyÕs business is about automotive fashion; wheels are an accessory item, and consumers are looking for new and unique designs. ÒContinually bringing new products to market in a timely manner is critical to driving demand,Ó he explained. ÒAlthough we enjoy a competitive lead, we donÕt take our success for granted. We continuously strive to enhance our product planning and time-to-market, which weÕll be able to do with FrameworkÕs software product on board.Ó

He added that Framework seemed to understand American RacingÕs business challenges, offering them a solution enhances communications, both internally and with the manufacturerÕs suppliers, enables faster turn-around during approval cycles and creates cost savings that result from moving closer to a paperless operation.Ó