New Optimization Software Introduced

Features inventory management, materials yield

Evanston, IL — March 27, 2003 — Strategic Systems International has two new features for its SmartTRIM system to help with inventory management and raw materials yields for roll good processors, who trim standard coils or rolls of products such as steel, paper or plastic film to meet varying customer order specifications.

SmartTRIM, according to the company, is a trim optimization, slitter scheduling and trim history system that uses mathematical methods to maximize production yield from coils or rolls of products, such as steel, paper or plastic film.

The software analyzes order specifications and evaluates millions of possible solutions for trimming — known as slitting in some industries — a product coil or roll to minimize waste. In addition, the system identifies solutions and provides manufacturing managers with visual representations of trim patterns and slitter setups. According to SmartTRIM, the system delivers on average 1 to 5 percent waste reduction.

The system has added two features: "Remnant Re-Assignment" and "Exact Piece Count." The Remnant Re-Assignment allows processors to assign any remnant from trimming a master coil to another customer order or back into usable inventory. The Exact Piece Count feature produces optimal coil utilization solutions that consider the exact number of pieces required by the customer, as well as minimal trim waste.

"Higher yields and sharper inventory management translate into higher revenues, which lead to potentially higher profits," said Shoaib Abbasi, President of Strategic Systems.