Centerpulse Selects Business Objects

Medical technology company integrating sales, demographics and market share data for business intelligence

San Jose, CA — May 5, 2003 — Medical technology company Centerpulse is using a business intelligence solution from Business Objects in a bid to track, understand and manage key performance metrics from multiple data sources throughout the organization.

With annual sales of $744 million, Centerpulse, headquartered in Zurich, develops medical devices, instruments and biomaterials for the global healthcare market.

The company required a solution that could access and integrate data from multiple sources, including Oracle Applications and Manugistics, as well as a variety of externally purchased datasets, including demographic and market share statistics.

Centerpulse is using Business Objects query, reporting and analysis products, called BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence, as well as the provider's Data Integrator solution.

Michael Porter, data warehouse project manager at Centerpulse, highlighted the end-to-end nature of Business Objects' offering. "It's far superior in enabling us to integrate data from all the sources we use, apply the precise analysis we require, then produce the reports that are the most useful to our users," Porter said.

In the project's first phase, Centerpulse is using the solution at its orthopedic and dental divisions. A customer of Business Objects since the early 1990s, Centerpulse is working toward complete data integration, reporting on performance data — sales, demographics and market share — from a data warehouse and third-party sources.