SupplyWorks Releases Software Upgrade

Purchasing platform for direct materials offers new functionality, extends choice of replenishment methods

Bedford, MA — May 22, 2003 — SupplyWorks Inc., a supplier relationship management (SRM) solutions provider for discrete manufacturers, today announced the availability of SupplyWorks MAX version 4.0, which is designed to enable the more efficient management of supplier relationships across multiple plants and locations.

New functionality in the software includes additional replenishment methods, role-based management and security, as well as multi-tier supply chain collaboration.

The company said the solution is a fully integrated, Web-based suite that provides functionality in the areas of supply chain visibility and synchronization, streamlined procurement execution and collaborative supply chain planning. It adds scheduled orders to the pre-existing replenishment capabilities of kanban, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), supplier scheduling, consumption-based replenishment and blanket orders.

SupplyWorks MAX 4.0, according to the provider, also includes more configurable role definitions and security functionality to determine what employees are allowed to view and edit various tasks.

SupplyWorks said the multi-tiered collaboration and visibility capabilities included in the solution are designed to enable manufacturers to gain better visibility and control beyond their tier-1 suppliers. Manufacturers can consolidate higher volumes for materials that their tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers are buying and negotiate blanket agreements with better pricing and terms.

"The new features in SupplyWorks MAX 4.0 were designed to take our customers to the next level in automating their supply chain processes," said Jeff Herrmann, CEO and president of SupplyWorks Inc. "The volume of purchases going through SupplyWorks MAX has increased more than 400 percent as customers expand their implementation across dispersed plants."

ImagePoint, the largest retail identity company in the United States, recently completed a roll-out of SupplyWorks MAX at its headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., and three manufacturing facilities in Columbia, S.C., Cincinnati, Ohio, and Ontario, Calif.

"The functions included in SupplyWorks MAX 4.0 allow ImagePoint to streamline purchases with several of our key suppliers," said Steve Hammond, ImagePoint's vice president, Information Services. "With SupplyWorks MAX 4.0, ImagePoint is on track to save 10 percent in annual direct material spend this year."

SupplyWorks MAX 4.0 is available immediately and has already been deployed at SupplyWorks' customers in the high-tech, automotive and industrial sectors.