TRIRIGA Updates Projects

Web-based project-management solution targets large-scale design, build and construction operations

Las Vegas — May 23, 2003 — Software company TRIRIGA, a provider of technology to centrally manage and control capital assets, this week rolled out a solution designed to help companies manage large-scale design, build and construction operations.

TRIRIGA said that the new, Web-based Projects 8i solution provides project management capabilities to centralize all the data, processes, personnel and resources associated with such operations. Additionally, Projects 8i offers such program management functionality as planning, collaboration, risk analysis, design reviews and checklist activities.

The solution offers a collaborative platform for corporate organizations, architects, engineers and other professional service groups to track and manage projects and programs. Accessible via Web browsers, the system serves as a central repository to capture all types of documents and CAD drawings, production schedules, billing and budget information, procurement details, vendors, contractors and suppliers.

"Large-scale capital projects such as the construction of a hotel, office complex or retail shopping center require close coordination of people, processes and data," explained Cameron Smith, vice president and general manager of TRIRIGA's Projects Division. "The new version of Projects 8i delivers advanced features and functionality to help organizations improve their project and program management activities and realize significant time and cost efficiencies."

Providing process-management functionality, Projects 8i can take distributed tasks — such as meetings, requests for information (RFIs), submittals, changes, issues and budgets — and assemble them into a step-by-step wizard. This provides a way to guide users through each step and capture information within a structured framework.

The solution offers a range of customization capabilities to design the interface and fields that are critical to an organization's business processes and workflow. An integrated graphical workflow engine provides the capability to design and edit the system via a Web browser, without requiring programming.

As a centralized system, Projects 8i can aggregate multiple funding sources and also allocate and record costs at both the program and project levels. This provides a tool to track and manage budgets across each phase. Additionally, the system enables users to push and track program activities, variables, decisions and correspondence across all projects, not just an executive-level roll-up of projects.

The solution can import Microsoft Excel templates for project documents and correspondence, as well as integrate them through manual importing or automated workflow. Additionally, Projects 8i can merge data into Microsoft Office applications for forms and reporting purposes.

Built on TRIRIGA's Intelligent Business System (IBS) platform, Projects 8i can be integrated with other third-party systems, such as accounting and financial applications. The IBS platform serves as the back-end engine that powers the functionality of Projects 8i, as well as TRIRIGA's other facilities management system, FacilityCenter 8i.