RTLS System Promises Higher Precision

Location-read accuracy to less than one foot claimed for new real-time location system

Milan, Italy — June 4, 2003 — Precision Systems, a provider of real-time location systems (RTLS), has released a new solution promising location-read accuracy to less than one foot.

The new iLocate RTLS offers the highest possible accuracy of tag location data available today, claims Precision. The advantages of the high accuracy include reduced infrastructure costs per square foot and one-foot tag position accuracy in real time, opening up a range of applications, according to the solution provider.

The system comprises a combination of subject-attached radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, data collection units, a centralized server and a variety of user applications.

"We strongly believe that the main prescription for success in this market is based on a solution that is precise, reliable and affordable, tailored for the customer needs," says Michael Braiman, company founder and CEO. "In designing the iLocate system we were looking to answer an unfulfilled need in the market for a highly accurate, cost-effective positioning system."

The first commercial implementation of the iLocate solution will be made by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Department of Agricultural Biosystems and Technology. The system will be installed in SLU's experimental milk-production barn in Sweden during this month, as part of a European Union-financed dairy-cow research project.

"When we contacted SLU we found that during the last year they were unable to find a system that meets their high-accuracy tracking needs and budget," says Rom Eizenberg, vice president for business development at Precision. "We were happy to find a spirit of innovation in SLU and to partner up with the research institute to introduce a first-of-its kind solution in Europe."

Precision Systems is a privately owned company based in Israel and with an office in Italy. The company was established by a team of professionals from the RFID industry.

For more information on the use of RFID and RTLS solutions in the supply chain, see "Needle in a Supply Chain Haystack," the Net Best Thing column in the January 2002 issue of iSource Business.